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Validation of a food frequency questionnaire designed for children 10-12 years: THE PANACEA-FFQ RUNNING TITLE: PANACEA FFQ VALIDATION
Tuesday, January 1, 2013
91%) between FFQ and 3DD according to the Bland and Altman method was found. Low but still significant agreement for refreshments /juices (tau-b=0.29, p=0.004),dairy products (tau-b=0.26, p<0.001), starchy products (tau-b=0.13, p=0.057), vegetables (tau-b=0.23, p=0.006), fruits (tau-b=0.19, p=0.017), sweets/snacks (tau-b=0.14, p=0.057) and toasts/pizzas (tau-b=0.19, p=0.017) was also observed.

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