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Eleftherios Stratakis, Marianna Mantzorou, Ioannis Kalemikerakis, Anna Kavga, Sotirios Plakas

Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Pages: 233-245

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4486379


Introduction: Dementia is a chronic disease that causes severe disturbance of the higher mental functions with problems in the patient's daily, professional and social life. Caring for people with dementia is associated with high levels of burden, depression, and poor quality of life for caregivers. Aim: The purpose of this systematic review was to identify the most recent information available regarding guidance to the family and caregivers of dementia patients. Material and Method: A bibliographic search was performed at PubMed database online with appropriate keywords and search filters for the period 2015-2019. Results: Of the 110 research articles identified after studying in detail, 18 were included for this study. New guidance for caregivers was connected with the use of smart health technology applications to monitor patients' physical and mental health. Other guidance concerned improving sleep, incontinence problems, feeding and managing violent behavior in relation to patients and caregivers themselves, specific training in disease management and promotion of their personal mental and physical health. Conclusions: The effective use of scientific evidence to improve the quality of life of caregivers and the care provided to patients with dementia is a major challenge for nursing science in the community. Community nurses must regularly update scientific evidence and disseminate to the community all resources available to improve the quality of life of the caregivers of dementia patients which in turn will improve the care they provide.

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