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Α hospital and a printed form sum thousand six hundred kilometers

A.Ioannis Zantzos, Nikolaos Leventis

Sunday, January 1, 2012


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Pages: 24-39


Introduction: in the General Hospital of Trikala, every day one ad hoc form is used to underline the daily working staff. The main reason for the use of this form is the control of the staff permission to leave. This checking take place with the transfer of the form from every department to the head unit.

Aims/Purpose: evaluating the effect of adopting the ad hoc form and pinpointing the lack of informatics support along with providing solutions for the specific problem.

Methodology and approach: for the calculation of the walked distance architectural plans have been used. For the consumed time simulation of the process has been applied. Fro the completion of the research it was necessary to adopt certain assumptions.

Findings: Every day for the distribution of this document, the staff traveled 6.588 km, 492 steps, spent 130 minutes and used 52 pages A4.Annually, the corresponding numbers are: 1.646,965 km, 123.000 steps, 545 hours and 13.000 pages of A4. Annually, the cost of spending time is 7.116,19€ and the stationery (paper and toner) need 229,5€.

Conclusions: This document consumes resources that could be placed elsewhere. Partial or (better yet) the total cancellation, the electronic transmission and finally the use of an information system, which among other features will include human resource management, are possible solutions with the latter having numerous advantages. Note the lack of standardization of procedures and functions with universal application in hospitals.

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