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Α theoritical approach to the electronic file

Ioannis Mantas, Vasiliki Mpletsa

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Pages: 42-56


The entry of information into our lives was decisive. Everyone of us have a computer at home, all companies either public or private computer science has its place, while the applications of information technology in health is a fact. This paper describes the role and importance of implementing the electronic file to the Public Hospitals after reduces the potential errors of manual diagnosis, produces long history of patients and ensures comparable and comprehensive data for different populations. Also made a brief reference to the definition of medical records, birth of the computer file in the past, future and present, also described the effort of coding medical information and finally out the obstacles to the electronic file (EF) in the application. However there is difficulty in formulating clear and precise rules, which could reasonably be determined upon implementation of the electronic file, after the first hospital information systems must ensure consistent, continuous and discrete input and other data should correspond closely to medical terminology, but according to internationally accepted encodings.

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