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Zoi Bitsiori, Dimitra Balaska, George Dimogerontas, Ilias Bozagregos

Thursday, September 1, 2016

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Pages: 175-187

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.290618


Introduction: Over the centuries the medical and broader sector of Health developed, made important inventions and discoveries, but never stopped the Health sector is timely. Every time there was a possible treatment of any disease, another disease appeared to be afflicted mankind. This requirement, therefore, of our time mainly focused on early diagnosis, the immediate intervention and prevention. The aim of this paper reference was explore the content of public health, the main research fields and structures, services involved in the design of public health in Greece. Method and material  : The methodology followed included a search review and research studies in Greek and international bibliography mentioned in Activities of Public Health and its role in oral hygiene. Results: From literature, is shown  the need for a system to manage the vast amount of information and different related industries that make up the "puzzle" of Public Health. The Public Health intervene collectively in a perpetual and continuous effort for the improvement and development of public health. Its objectives are to focus on prevention and primary health care. About oral hygiene, the aim is to improve the oral health of the whole population, by focusing on the prevention of oral diseases and the development of efficient, effective and quality dental care. Additionally, aims to minimize the impact of oral and craniofacial diseases, mental and social health, emphasizing the promotion of oral health and reducing oral diseases among specific population groups who are saddled with these diseases. Conclusion: The main mission of the Action Plan is building an integrated policy with a view to the prevention of oral diseases, promoting oral health, effective treatment of oral diseases, efficient and quality operation of dental care services, and implementation the necessary policies and actions through targeted programs.

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