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Conti Panagiota

Friday, January 1, 2016

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It is widely accepted that the incidence of diabetes and its' related complications, despite progress in diagnosis and treatment of the disease, is constantly increasing. The purposeof this review was to explore anxiety and depression experienced by patients with diabetes mellitus, type II. Method and Material: The methodology followed included a search of review and research studies, mainly in the electronic database «pubmed» which referred to the relation between anxiety-depression and diabetes mellitus, type II. Results: The literature review showed that diabetic patients experience anxiety and depression mainly because of changes imposed by the disease in their daily lives. Specifically, depression is associated with poor glycemic control, poor compliance with treatment as well as with frequent hospital admissions and costly care of hospitalization. The severity of the disease, the presence of complications or other concomitant disease are affecting the intensity of depression. Furthermore, depression negatively affects the therapeutic relation between health professionals and diabetic patients. Conclusions: Assessment of anxiety and depression should be an integral part of the treatment of patients with diabetes.

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