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Christos Iliadis, Petros Ouzounakis

Friday, January 1, 2021

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Pages: 4-10

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5501803


Introduction: The way doctors and other health care providers are compensated is an issue that is of great interest to governments. Purpose: The purpose of this paper was to highlight the compensation systems of family doctors and general practitioners compared to Europe and Greece. Material & Method: The methodology of the work includes the collection of information on the subject from articles and books of the last decade in the PubMed database and the association of Greek Academic Libraries (HEAL-Link), as well as research articles, books, scientific journals and websites. Results: Over time, various systems have been developed that are combined with restrictive measures or reward measures so that all citizens can have access to health and at the same time doctors are satisfied with their pay without wasting resources. the side of the state and the insurance funds. For Greece, the implementation of the per capita remuneration system is proposed in conjunction with the provision of financial incentives. However, in order for this transition to take place, there must be proper information and the best use of technological applications in the context of ensuring the transparency of physicians' actions and evaluating their performance. Conclusions: The governments of the countries must find the right combination of remuneration systems so that the access of patients without restrictions is finally ensured, the needs of the doctors are met and finally the health expenses are withheld.

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