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Correlation of presence of endogenous causative or aggravating factors as to the occurrence of pressure ulcers in patients of intensive care units

Eleni Grouni, Maria Tsironi, Panayiotis Prezerakos, GeorgiosI. Panoutsopoulos4, AndreaPaola RojasGil, Victoria Alikari, Sofia Zyga

Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Pages: 127-133


Introduction: Pressure ulcers consists one of the most important clinical problems for patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Units.

Purpose: To investigate the risk factors and their correlation with the incidence of pressure ulcers in patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Material and Methods: Data collected studying 264 patientsfrom the Intensive Care Unit of "Papageorgiou” Hospital of Thessaloniki in the period 2010-2012. The presence of endogenous causative and aggravating factors associated with the occurrence of pressure ulcers was recorded. These factors were: Coronary Heart Disease, malignancies, heart failure, stroke, immunosuppression, renal replacement, Diabetes Mellitus, age, hospital days. Finally, laboratory and clinical parameters (hematocrit, albumin, Glasgow Coma Scale) were recorded. Statistical analysis was processed using the SPSS software program.

Results: 56 out of the 264 patients (21.2%) experienced pressure ulcers. Age (B = -0,74, PR = 0,47, OR = 0, 32-0,69, p <0,001), days of hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit (B = 0,04, OR = 1,01-1,07, p <0,001) and hematocrit value (B = 0,93, OR = 0,85-0,96, p <0,003) are statistically significant parameters for the occurrence of pressure ulcers.

Conclusions: Old age, low hematocrit value, increased number of hospital days, are important for the appearance of pressure ulcers

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