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Dimogerontas George, Balaska Dimitra, Bitsiori Zoi

Friday, January 1, 2016

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Pages: 12-22


In recent years the demand for surgical health services in public hospitals is increasing and contrast the available resources are constantly decreasing. The required operational restructuring of hospitals can mean applying economical solutions such as the development of One Day Surgery. This project is called to bear the Governor all public hospitals that have to apply systematically the principles of Administration of Health Services. The aim: The purpose of this paper was to present the process of making the implementation of the Decision Surgery One Day in Greek public hospitals in order to solve the aforementioned problem. Methodology : The followed methodology included a retrospective search and research studies in Greek and international literature mentioned in the decision making process for the creation of one day surgery in public hospitals. Results: The information required for planning and taking a series of decisions at different levels of administration and a description of the implementation process of these decisions within a certain timeframe is crucial for creating One Day Surgery is also the internal and external objectives of the communication and the Leadership in the organization of the One Day Surgery is decisive. Finally, the decision control procedure and possible problems that may occur during the implementation process, playing an important role in the implementation of the One Day Surgery. Conclusions: So, the international economic reality and the experience to date in the Greek area show that the solution of One Day Surgery may be a promising alternative form of care and health care. Studies in the Greek area beginning to show that health workers in our country have a positive attitude towards the prospect of development of this institution in state hospitals.

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