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Georgia Brenta, Periklis Rompolas

Monday, January 9, 2017

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Pages: 127-138

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.1164069


Introduction: There are several types of enterostomy, that result in the formation of the stoma and are related with bio-psycho-social effects on the patient's and his family's life. The role of the nurse in promoting the rehabilitation and self-care of these patients is multidimensional. More specifically, its fields of action include patient education in the care of the stoma and its device, nutritional advice and adaptation activities to the new reality.

Purpose: This bibliographic review aimed to present enterostomy as a new reality in the patient's everyday life as well as to address the impact on the life of the patient and his family through education.Methodology: The methodology involved collecting information on the subject from articles and books of the last decade in the Pubmed database and the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association (HEAL-Link).

Results: The review of the literature initially revealed that enterosomes have specific characteristics in relation to the needs they serve in a practical way tailored to the patient's needs. The patient with a stoma exhibits a variety of changes at a bio-psycho-social level, changes that affect his or her environment as well. The nurse is called upon to initially promote the patient's and his / her family's adaptation to new data and self-care through information and education. Crucial issues include the care of stomach, patient nutrition, the control of stools and odors, the prevention of organic complications, the maintenance of sexuality, the promotion of social adaptation and the enhancement of self-esteem.

Conclusions: The nurse plays a particularly important role in addressing the needs of the patient with intestinal stomach. Particular attention is paid to the adaptation of the patient and his/her family to new data and the promotion of his / her self-care.

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