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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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Pages: 168-176

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5651566


Ιntroduction: Surgery is a stressful experience for children and families, but important is the recovery period after the

surgery.Purpose: This study was conducted to examine the recovery process of children after surgery.Methods: This

descriptive type study was conducted on 274 pediatric patients who had urgent and planned surgery other than major

gastrointestinal surgery and agreed to participate in the study voluntarily. A question form designed by the researchers

following the literature was used as a data collection tool. Groups were evaluated using the Kruskal Wallis H test, in

variables that did not show normal distribution. Results: Of the participants, 46.4% of children's surgeries were

outpatient (OP), 36.5% were emergency (E), 17.2% were planned (P) surgeries. Immediately after surgery, the mean

pain levels were 2.3 for "OP", 2 for "E", 3.2 for "P", and the next days were below 1 and 1. Among all the participants,

52% of "OPs", 39% of "E", 36.2% of "P"s were mobilized within 3-6 hours after the surgery. At the hospital 94.5%,

89%, 95.7% of the children respectively, there was not any development of complications, while after discharge, 94.5%,

94%, 95.7% did not have any problem at home. Conclusion: It was determined that the majority of children did not

have any problems in the recovery process and returned to daily life activities a week after the surgery.

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