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Exploration of drug users profile

Nektaria Alexopoulou, Elpida Georgiadi, Maria Polikandrioti, Maria Korkovili, Angeliki Mpaseta, Anna Maina

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Pages: 47-61


The aim of this study was to explore the profile of drug users in the Athens and the characteristics of the use ( injecting and syringe sharing ) .

Method and material : Data were collected by the completion of questionnaire by personal interview of184 drug users who came to the Emergency Assistance Unit and Support (MAVY) OKANA for the first time.

Results : The sample consisted of 184 individuals with a mean age of 35.3 years (± 8,8). 77.2% of participants were men, 82.1% had Greek nationality and 79.3% were Greek. 79.9% of the participants were unemployed. Regarding educational level of the participants, 39.4% were high school graduates and 22.3% had quit school. 37.5% of participants took by themselves the decision to seek help in the therapeutic program. 62.0% of participants had heroin through nose while 50.0% of the participants had cocaine through injection. 92.3% of participants used heroin every day for the last month. The average age of onset of substance use was 22.6 years (± 7,2) and average duration of use 12.1 years (± 8,4). 45.4% of participants had injection within the last month, 18.1% of whom had shared needles with another or others.

Conclusion : Information, consultative approach as well as education of active users on issues related to the prevention of infectious diseases are key -elements of therapeutic programs.

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