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Panagiota Kouridou, Maritsa Gourni

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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Pages: 95-102

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.55958



Introduction: The safest and the most effective wound healing, happens by selecting and applying the appropriate product for the treatment. The modern wound dressing pads play an important role in the whole process and providing the wound healing. Aim: Aim of this study is to highlight and present the properties of foam dressing pads and support their application to various types of wound. Material and Methods: in order to complete this study, scientific articles used in Greek and mainly in foreign literature that been found in scientific databases such as MEDLINE, PUBMED, GOOGLE SCHOLAR and BIOMed CENTRAL, published in the last ten years. A review in textbooks is also done in nursing, surgery, infections and conferences proceedings. Results: The assessment of the wound gives the right answers in choosing the suitable dressing for any occasion. Wounds with medium or high exudate levels need dressings with pads that have absorbent activity but also they can have antimicrobial activity and easy application as well. The foam pads are those whom can be fully placed on a wide range of wounds, because they have many of the properties of an ideal patch. After this study completed, it was understood that foam wound dressing pads can be very effective in many wound types, especially on wounds with high exudate activity by keeping the wound moist and prevent it to be dry, and the same time they can promote epitheliazation of trauma. Proper and holistic clinical assessment of wound trauma, but also the continuous monitoring of healing process is the beginning and the end of trauma care and treatment. Conclusions: Foam dressings, can promote the healing process, targeting not only the quality of life of patients, but also the treatment and regulation of the wounds’ response in any stage.


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