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Dimitra Sampanioti, Kostantinia Karathanasi, Panagiotis Manolitzas, Petros Kostagiolas

Friday, January 1, 2021

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Pages: 74-83

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5512060


Introduction: The quality of the health services provided is a very important factor for a health system.Purpose: The purpose of this diploma thesis was to illustrate the degree of patient’s satisfaction with the provided health services in Primary Health Care Structures of the Municipality of Patras. Material and Method: The results of the survey came from patients who visited the Health Centers and the Local Health Units and they are residents of the Municipality of Patras. The Europep questionnaire was used to collect the data and the statistical analysis was performed with the SPSS n.25 statistical program. Results: In the survey participated 41 men (42.7%) and 55 women (57.3%). The 40% of the sample belonged to the age group 30-39 years. The 42.7% of the sample visited the General Doctor twice in the last 12 months. The 53.1% described his health as "very good", also 67% of the sample has Higher Education and 66.7% said it did not have a disease with a duration of more than 3 months. The scale of the questionnaire that showed the most positive assessment of the sample was that of the final opinion for the general practitioner, while the lowest estimate was the scale for coordinating patient care. From the control of the intensity and the relationship between the 6 scales of the questionnaire, it emerged that the scales were correlated to each other in a positive and powerful way at a statistically significant level. From the correlation of the demographic and social characteristics of the sample with the questionnaire scales, there was no statistically significant result, while individual statistical checks were performed showed that the estimated health status had a big impact on the assessment of patient information and support. Conclusions: The Primary Health Care is one of the main pillars of a country's health system and needs to be addressed with the appropriate care by policy-makers. The need for its adjustment is mandatory. The economic crisis that our country is experiencing does not help, so other means that do not require high costs and will lead to its development, are needed. The universal introduction of the Total Quality Management System and the anthropocentric approach of the patients by the personnel involved in the Primary Health Care structures are some options that will lead to efficient Primary Health Care services.

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