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Ηealth: the path of an acquired social good in times of economic crisis and the proposed health policies at national and international level

Αγγελική Μπανούση

Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Pages: 134-141


Introduction: The recent financial crisis and its impact on social and economic life, highlight the functional problems of the health sector in our country.

Aim: The exploration of the effects of the economic crisis in public health, the influence of health policy in economic and social state of citizens and reporting of health policy proposed for the current national and international level.

Material and methods: The μmethodology of the present study included review of Greek and international literature mainly of the last five years focusing on the views of European and global health-related organizations about health.

Results: It is documented the association between health policy and overall political and economic situation of a country and demonstrate the need for non-devaluation of health issues and their emergence as a prime priority that concerns the citizens in times of economic crisis. This crisis disproportionately affects low-and middle- growth countries and lower social strata within countries. The unemployment, vulnerable employment and insecurity have significant negative impact on health. The economic crisis also creates problems in the financing of health systems and impairs the function of the public health service units, due to increased demand.

Conclusions: In times of economic crisis, cutting of spending on health issues should not be allowed as it leads to reduced availability of care and this in turn affects directly on both individuals and health systems.

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