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Konstantinos Ntelezos, Georgia Kyriakopoulou, Marianna Karavasili, Athanasios Marios Giannakas, Dimitrios Delitzakis, John Koutelekos, Chrysavgi Vergadou

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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Pages: 175-187

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4291789


Introduction: The application of piercing creates concerns, about the hygiene applied in the various parts of the body and the information of users about the dangers it poses for their health. Purpose: The quantitative measurement of the microbial load at the points of application of piercing, as well as the investigation of the level of knowledge about various aspects of piercing application, among the academic community of the University of West Attica. Material and Method: The research was conducted in the facilities of the University of West Attica, with the use of questionnaires of 40 questions each, to incoming participants with piercings. We also, conducted a quantitative measurement of the microbial load at the points of piercing, with the use of a luminometer. Results: The results of the research, showed a statistically great correlation (p= 0.049), between the way of choosing the piercing center and the bleeding at the point of the tongue, as well as between the point of the piercing, in relation to the consumption of alcohol before the piercing application (p= 0.009). Moreover, a statistically significant correlation (p= 0.007), was found between the piercing point and the gender, as well as between the actions that must be performed on the skin by the piercer prior to piercing and the transmission capability of Hepatitis C (p= 0.021). Conclusions: The biggest percentage of the people we questioned had no knowledge, about the problems caused by piercings to their health, as well as the ways of prevention of potential infections.

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