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Georgia Brenta, Periklis Rompolas

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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Pages: 238-254

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3692433


Introduction: Long-term care involves providing health services and social care for people who need the help of others to handle basic and secondary daily activities due to physical or mental disability, during an extended period. During the past decades there has been an increase in the aging population as well as steady increase in middle age, resulting in the increased need for long-term care services. Aim: The purpose of this paper is the theoretical approach of long-term care and its providers as well as a focus on the Greek reality. Material and Method: The methodology of this paper, involved gathering information on the subject from   articles, books, journals and websites of the last decade in the PubMed database and the Greek Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link). Results: The results of this study showed that despite forecasts for a significant increase in needs for long term care in the coming decades, the issue is not of particular concern of public debate in Greece, while at the same time financial crisis narrows even further the aim for such a prospect. In Greece, the provision of long-term care services is based primarily on informal healthcare services. Due to the strong links within the Greek family, long-term care is often undertaken by family members offering support. Additionally, the immediate availability of immigrant-caregivers offers an affordable non-formal care solution. Conclusions: Long-term care given the aging of the population, especially in Greece, is an area to be approached with appropriate emphasis and targeting by health authorities and practitioners. The nurse as an official heath care professional can strongly support the work of informal caregivers by integrating them smoothly into the broader context of a health care system.        

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