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Maria Tzilini

Thursday, September 1, 2016

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Pages: 268-281

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.322612


Introduction:  The natural disaster is the probability of a potentially catastrophic event that happened within a period of time and in a particular geographic area. Purpose: The purpose of this study is the literature investigating the effect of natural disasters on health.Material and Methods: It was conducted a review in researches in Greek and international databases (Medline and Scopus) with the following keywords: "natural disasters, health and combinations of them. Results: The unexpected natural disaster may lead to significant casualties, such as destruction of the health, forced displacement of populations to safer accommodation. Health problems are divided into: acute, intermediate and long term. Psychological disorders that exhibit both adults and children are significant health problems. The precisely preparation and proper planning are the only way to reduce health impacts. In case of  natural disaster, it is  required citizens' direct actions, such as the immediate removal from the disaster area and taking appropriate measures to minimize the impact on health. Apart from the individuals themselves it is important the role of organized state to prevent and deal with natural disasters. Conclusions: The natural disasters have a significant impact on health. Appropriate training for the prevention and treatment of health problems during natural disasters, so as to minimize losses.

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