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Dimitrios Kosmidis, Dimitrios Theofanidis

Friday, April 1, 2022

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Pages: 123-137

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7483332


Introduction: “Pay-For-Performance” are performance-based payment or other incentive schemes in which ‘rewards’ are based on specific qualitative targets. Although in the international healthcare arena these programs have been tested extensively, in Greece the literature is scarce. Aim: A description of programs that provide performance-based financial incentives in health care, a presentation of their key features, and a summary of the views of nurses and other health care professionals from their experience with such programs. Methodology: Research data search methodology in PubMed, Scopus and Google Scholar, online databases was followed. Results: Although in Pay-For-Performance type schemes, a commonly accepted definition has not been attributed globally yet, they do share some common characteristics: 1) the focus of the fields they address i.e. primary care, specialized services and hospitals; 2) the domain of application such as quality, access and efficiency; 3) the measures of performance, e.g. quality or efficiency indicators; and 4) the payment or reward rules. The attitudes and opinions of health professionals referring to such programs are both positive and negative. Conclusions: The literature suggests that the pay-for-performance based movement in healthcare remains fragmented in implementation, with moderate results and slow progress. Health professionals’ attitudes are rather positive, however, nurses in particular, express doubts and inequities in implementation. These projects are considered too recent to be evaluated. The future of these programs depends on the evolution and adaptation of their technical features, acceptance by healthcare professionals, and further in-depth research into their overall outcomes.

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