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Psychiatric disorders in hemodialysis patients

Bouga Georgia, Pitsionis George

Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Pages: 80-87


The aim of the present study was to explore psychiatric disorders experienced by hemodialysis patients.

Material and Method: The methodology followed included search review and research studies, mainly in electronic base 'pubmed' which referred to psychiatric disorders (anxiety and depression) experienced by hemodialysis patients.

Results : According to the literature, hemodialysis patients apart from the problems arising from the biological aspects of the disease, usually face with a variety of other problems that affect their daily lives, such as loss of time on scheduled dialysis sessions, uncertainty about the future, anxiety of death, dependence of both the machine and health professionals. All these factors combined with the changes in previously personal, family, social and professional roles trigger the onset of mental problems.

Conclusions : Assessment of anxiety and depression experienced by hemodialysis patients should be an integral part of treatment. Depression and anxiety should be studied more extensively in order to organize better approaches to health care for these individuals.

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