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Reduction of procedural pain of burns with alternative methods

Efstathiou Flora, Polizos Christos, Tsoutsos Dimosthenis

Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Pages: 57-64


Introduction : The procedural pain of burn victims causes unpleasant emotions such as anxiety and disturbance of sleep quality, reduces the level of functioning of patients and therefore the level of satisfaction of care. All the above factors contribute to the development of traumatic syndrome in patients. Besides of drugs alternative methods have been tested for the treatment of pain.

Purpose : The exploration of the effectiveness of alternative methods in the treatment of procedural pain of burn victims in all ages, in combination with standard pharmaceutical analgesic.
Method and material : Studies published from 2000 to date, have been researched, relevant to the topic, in international scientific databases, Greek and foreign scientific journals and medical or nursing conferences.
Results: The alternative methods aim to reduce pain through relaxation, distraction from the painful process and focus of a pleasant stimulus. The most important methods are individualized music therapy, hypnosis, breathing technique and monitoring virtual reality. Positively all they have been correlated with the reduction of stress, muscle tension and pain. Finally, the organization and cooperation in the treatment therapy team  have been mentioned as an important factor in the effort to reduce pain of burn victims.
Conclusions : Alternative methods could be combined with standard medical treatment, if other studies will confirm the positive effects and if specific parameters will be taken into account

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