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Moschoula Mina Iordani, Ilias Martinis, Eleni Sekeroglou

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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Pages: 158-164

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4291736


Sulfuric acid attack (vitriol) is a global phenomenon that is growing alarmingly and varies from culture to culture. Sulfuric acid assault is common in developing countries, but this does not mean that no cases are reported in developed countries.The purpose of this review was to explore the phenomenon of sulfuric acid attack (vitriol) and the first aid need to be provided to the victim. Methodology: Bibliographic review of English related articles in Pubmed, Scopus, Science Direct and Google Scholar databases using keywords: acid assaults, corrosive substances, chemical assaults, acid burn violence, guide to acid attacks ". Results: Sulfuric acid also known as vitriol  is an inorganic, corrosive, caustic acid that is widely used in industry. In contact with the skin, sulfuric acid causes chemical burns which are disfigured. Women are more likely to be the target of sulfuric acid attack whο in most cases know the perpetrators. The deliberate throwing of acid induces on survivors dramatic change in their lifestyle and irreversible consequences  on biological and psychological level. In the event of a sulfuric acid or vitriol attack the first aid include calling national emergency center, removing contaminated clothing or footwear, and rinse with plenty of water. Conclusions: Given the deleterious consequences of sulfuric acid burns, it is essential to raise public awareness of the first aid that should be provided to the victim, at the place of the event.

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