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Agapiou Maria, Charalampous Marianna, Talias Michalis

Friday, January 1, 2016

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Pages: 23-35


Health care-associated infections are a major public health problem worldwide and a significant problem in healthcare delivery in Greece. The aim of this study was to review Greek and international publications specifically addressing the relationship between epidemiological surveillance and health care-associated infections. Μethod and material : The approach to this article centers on research and review of studies from the online databases of Google Scholar (Greek bibliography, 2015-) and PubMed/ MEDLINE (international bibliography, 2010-2015). There were also researched the websites of centers specialized in infection control and surveillance, such as the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and also published books in the authors’ library.The literature featured in this article to the surveillance of health care-associated infections, identified through key words as: Health care-associated infection (nosocomial infection), (epidemiological) surveillance. Criterion exclusion of articles was the language in addition to Greek and English.Results : Epidemiological surveillance is defined as the ongoing and systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of health data in the process of describing and monitoring a health event with the objective of supporting the planning, implementation and evaluation of public health interventions and programs. Surveillance of health care-associated infections is a basic element in nosocomial infection control. The role of the infection control nurse is very important. Today surveillance is improving using the information technology. Conclusions : Surveillance of health care-associated infections is the primary tool to decrease health care-associated infections in healthcare facilities and in healthcare systems.

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