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Τhe role of communication in health care services

Bitsiori Zoi

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Pages: 65-72


Effective communication is a prerequisite for successive management of health services.  Also, it is a bridge among the goals, and the satisfaction of staff.

The aim of the present study was o review the literature regarding the role of communication in health.
Method and material: Methodology included search in electronic data bases mainly pub-med regarding the role of communication in health. 
Results:     Effective communication contributes significantly to reducing errors in health care services, to increasing patients' satisfaction and in general to providing high quality of care. Mutual professional respect and quality of communication ensure a good interdisciplinary cooperation. As a consequence, success in interpersonal and organizational communication determines, to a large extent, the overall success of health services. As major barriers to effective communication are considered the non-good relations between health professionals, lack of time and the different way of education. 
Conclusions: The lack of human and material resources, that features the country's health system in conjunction with the working environment of high standards, make  as an imperative need the improvement of relations between health professionals, encouragement of a supportive climate in the workplace and generally the promote  of  professional cooperation.

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