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Eleftherios Valis, Evangelos Dousis

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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Pages: 141-149

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4291690


Summary: Radiation therapy is an effective treatment for cancer but has significant side effects on patients, as it causes damage not only to cancer cells but also to normal ones. Among the lesions are post-therapy skin lesions that significantly affect patients and the quality of their life. Purpose: Το explore the literature regarding treatment and care of post-radiation therapy skin lesions with hyperbaric oxygen. Material-Method: Review of bibliography in international databases (Pubmed, Cochrane library, National Library of Medicine, Scopus and Open Archives) during the period 1994-2020, using keywords and key-phrases. The articles were searched in March 2020. Articles that were not in English or Greek were excluded. Results: Almost 95% of patients receiving radiotherapy develop acute or chronic skin lesions. Their prevention includes general recommendations such as the use of loose clothing, retention of moisture, protection from the sun, avoidance of extreme temperatures, etc. Their treatment includes the care / cleaning of the damage, the use of pharmaceutical products (hydrocolloid patches and hydrogel etc.), therapeutic methods (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) and surgical treatment (transplant). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is provided in special designed chambers and environmental conditions, during which some side effects may occur (myopia, ear injury, etc.) and fire prevention measures are required. It is an efficient method of treating post-radiation therapy lesions as it can help to cure them completely and improve the patients’ quality life. Conclusion: The prevention of skin lesions is important as their treatment and care is demanding. Assessing patients with post-radiation therapy skin lesions, caring for lesions, and caring for when treated with hyperbaric oxygen is a challenge for nurses.

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