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Eleni Athanasiadou, Maria Tsilingiri

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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Pages: 17-23

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3766668


Introduction: Antibiotics are natural derivatives of microorganisms and act against other microorganisms. Antibiotics, also known as antimicrobial drugs, are drugs that fight bacterial infections. Purpose: Exploration of the improper use of antibiotic preparations and their effects on health in general. Methodology: The work was based on a review of Greek and international literature. Online databases such as Pubmed, Scopus, Google Scholar, Medline were used. The search consisted of books, bibliographical reviews and research papers published in Greek and English. Results: The microbes have shown a truly amazing ability to avoid, treat or neutralize the supply of antibiotics. The association between the use of antimicrobial drugs and the development of resistance has been shown in many studies as well as in the reports of antimicrobial resistance surveillance organizations, but the quantitative relationship between antimicrobial consumption and the occurrence of resistance has not been accurately determined. Conclusions: Antibiotic consumption has increased significantly in recent decades worldwide. The main reason for the unjustified consumption of antibiotics is the inadequate information of the population.

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