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Eleni Sekeroglou, Konstantina Tsalamata, Jona Sakiqi

Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Pages: 287-292

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4540437


Amputation is a major global health problem that affects the lives of patients and their caregivers in a long term basis. Due to the multiple  responsibilities undertaken by caregivers,  they experience various levels of burden. The purpose of this special article was to explore  the burden experienced by caregivers of amputees. The methodology followed included searching for research data, which was collected through electronic databases PubMed, Google Scholar, Medline, Research Gate. Results: In contemporary Greek reality, family members, mainly spouses, take on the role of caregiver. Numerous factors are associated with the burden of caregivers of amputees, of which the most prevalent are  changes in their daily lives and prior roles, taking on new responsibilities, canceling future plans, and financial problems. The constant help that people with amputation need is accompanied by increased fatigue, sleep disorders, problems in the couple's relationship which all undermine their quality of life. Information and participation in special support programs for caregivers are important factors that reduce this burden. Conclusions: Nurses as members of the interdisciplinary team should promptly evaluate the burden experienced by caregivers since it is widely accepted that a healthy caregiver is capable to provide better care. Further investigation of the caregiver burden in amputees  is needed as the number of research data is limited.

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