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Athanasia Tsami, Ioannis Maxouris, Petroula Iliaskou

Saturday, September 1, 2018

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Pages: 197-205

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2552075


Dialysis as the main renal replacement method exerts a significant burden on patients, their families andonthe National Health System of each country. According to estimates, in 2013, 1.500.000 individuals were under hemodialysis. The purpose of this study was to explore perceptions of patients with end-stage renal failure with respect to hemodialysis. Method and material: The sample studied consisted of 250 patients undergoing hemodialysis in dialysis centers of public hospitals in Attica. Data were collected through interview by the completion of a questionnaire which included patients' demographic and clinical characteristics as well as their perceptions regarding hemodialysis. Results: Of the 250 participants, 68% were men, 50,8% were > 70 years old, 66,4% were married, 45,3% were of primary education and 56% were retired. Furthermore, 69,2% reported to be very satisfied with the provided nursing care, 64,8% and 44% experienced anxiety about the course of the disease and the function of hemodialysis machine, respectively, while 59,5% believed that their life depended on hemodialysis machine. The majority of patients 189 (75,6%) reported receiving support from their environment and 63,5% declared not to enjoy the same things as before hemodialysis. Finally, 43,2% of the sample would like to listen to music during dialysis. Conclusions: Evaluation of patients' perceptions about hemodialysis will be a significant help to provide care of high quality, to strengthen patients' involvement in their therapy, to build better interpersonal relationships with healthcare professionals and to improve management of available health resources.

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