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Dimitrios Christopoulos, Martha Kelesi, Urania Govina, Afroditi Zartaloudi

Thursday, July 1, 2021

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Pages: 194-212

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5842198


Introduction: Motivation is an important indicator of predicting an adult’s commitment to exercise, so it is important to explore the reasons that may lead an individual to participate in physical activity programs.The aim of the present study was to investigate the socio-demographic and psychological parameters that motivate adults to participate in exercise programs and athletic activities.Material and Method:  Two hundred and forty-five adults, being engaged in training programs in gyms, as well as in track and field, soccer and basketball athletic activities were given a questionnaire to collect information related to socio-demographic characteristics, possible previous problems with body weight, type of exercise, frequency and main reason for their participation in exercise programs, as well as somatometric characteristics of the participants.Results: 28.2% of the sample in the present study exercised in the gym, 20.4% played football, 24.1% basketball and 27.3% were engaged in track and field athletic activities. It is noteworthy that participants’ motive for exercise was pleasure (for 46.1% of the participants), championship (for 20.8%), health reasons (for 18.4%), weight loss (for 7.8%) and improvement of physical appearance (for 6.9%). Individuals, exercising in the gym were engaged to this type of exercise in order to lose weight and improve their appearance to a greater extent than those who played football, basketball or were engaged in track and field athletic activities (p <0.001). A greater percentage of male compared to female participants were engaged to exercise due to championship reasons, while more women than men exercised in order to improve their appearance and for health reasons (p=0.05).Conclusions: Understanding the factors that make individuals being engaged to physical activity helps those with administrative responsibilities in the field of athletics to improve the providing services and health professionals to implement counseling intervention programs addressed to adults.

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