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Smoking addiction and methods of treatment

Koutinou Eleni, Patentalakis Michalis, Dimitriadou Maria, Pappa Alexandra, Evagelou Eleni, Koutelekos John, Xatzoglou Chrisi

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Pages: 35-46


Effective treatments can lead to permanent smoking cessation, however, they must be readily available to all smokers. The higher rates of abstinence from smoking areachieved through specialized psychological assistance, pharmaceutical treatment and counseling support.

The aim of the present study was to explore the demographic characteristics and smoking history of smokers attending a smoking cessation clinic in a public hospital of Attica one year after cessation.

Method and material : The sample studied consisted of 300 smokers who came to public hospital in Attica. Data were collected by the completion of a form by the Hellenic Antismoking Society which is used to record the smoking habits of the population and to assess the severity of nicotine dependence, (Fagerstrom scale).

Results : The analysis of the results showed that smokers who gave up smoking were 32,7%, those who failed 51,8% and those who relapsed 15,6%. The highest rate of success was noted among heavily dependent smokers at 53,7% compared to those who were moderate and mild dependent. Of the smokers who failed to quit smoking, 47,2% reported that they were not ready, 11,8% were frightened of the side-effects, 14,3% showed side-effects, 1,2% did not need any therapy, 16,8% believed that the treatment did not help, 8,1% experienced heavy stress and 0,6% did not give up for personal reasons. The prescribed therapy for the smokers who quit was boupropion at a rate of 56,7%, the nicotine sticker patches at a rate of 13,4% and nicotine chewing gum at 9%, combination of boupropion with sticker patches at a rate of 4,5%, boupropion and nicotine gums at 9% and sticker patches with gums at 7,5%.

Conclusion : The result of the above methods of treatment at Smoking cessation clinic is quite satisfactory.

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